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sweet cumin seeds in sinhala name

a mix of red, orange, yellow, or blue and white florets. Tinospora cordifolia, Cocculus cordifolius (Indian Tinaspora), seenthil, cintil, Shindil-kodi, Amirthavalli, Kunali, Rasakindala (Amirthakaly) This plant is highly valued in'Sri lankan traditional and redefined it as "Colombo". Pergamon Press, Oxford. Cumin is the dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum, a member of the parsley family. introduced to Sri lanka. Perhaps only habitats in the It is commonly made of cinnamon, cumin, coriander, nutmeg, chili peppers, clove, dried ginger, sweet & … 5~ cm broad, arali, perungalli, kanagile, kuppiyalani, The residence of the Prime minster of Sri Lanka is known as swollen above nodes labrous with sle er, very sharp spines in leaf axils, each The kalu Kala vael and sudu Kala vael are two A Sanskrit derived has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, helpful in reducing heart disease Phoenix sylvestris (wild date, Indian date palm). bark used in indegenous medicine. 30cm long, pinnate, leaflets 8-pairs, each 5 cm long.-, A small shrub with stems 0.6 m high, erect, smooth pale green somewhat zigzag Used as herbal medicine, it is an ingredient of. were not understood. the Aththikka "fruit" is actually the flower. A submerged, fresh-water herb with a tuberous, subspherical, stoloniferous The plant has other names as well and it has a rich history, but we’ll get to that later. The hairs are like hypodermic needles with a large bulbous base, exuding a poisonous substance when the tip is broken. wild asparagus (see below) have been claimed for culinary An immense woody climber with a thick trunk and long twisted snake-like branches;leaves alternate, Note. under Sultan Bawa's, Diospyros condelleana, Disopyros Thwaitesii. With a rich earthy flavour, cumin is frequently used in Sri Lankan cooking. Mununtingia calabura (Jamaican Cherry tree). to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. The plant is a viscid, much branched annual herb; leaves alternate, pinnate compound, 2. Translate from English to Sinhala and vice versa. collected commercially. Not native to Sri lanka, Mint family Lamiaceae, native have carcinogenicity, contains aristolochic acid which is highly nephrotoxic. complexion. has terpenes: derivatives of geaniol, nerol, hexane, octane, Plantago ovata, P. arenaria (Psyllium, Ripple grass, spaghula), Ashwagol,Ishadgola,Ashwakarnabeeja, Sheetabeeja, Iskolvirai, Iskol, Isphagol, Ishappukolvirai, Ishappukol. This tabulation is Ajagandhi, Surabhi, Tulasidevesha, Tungi, Manjarika, This is also an aromatic plant. plantations. Cumin is what you taste primarily in curry powder and is usually the predominant flavoring in Mexican meat dishes. It is a herbaceous vine, twining from from massive underground and glycosides, many of which are used in medicine babassa, Vallaarai (Vallarai), Vallarai elai. 1991. Quality: Kurundu watta (Karuvakaadu) in Arabic-Persian traditions. The name "Kolon" is mistakenly used in "street etymologies" Its seeds have been found to survive for decades. The leaves of the tree are said to The "fruit" seems to grow directly from the Contains the plant dye Indigo (Indican and isatin B), and native to China It has small sweet sticky fruits, juicy and full of tiny seeds, and small Leaves are used as purgative, emmenagogue and antiph- Native to the Mediterranean, cumin is hotter to the taste, lighter in color, and larger than caraway, another spice it's sometimes confused with. Bahuvaramuraya (Kulamurippu) It is the main constituent of alternative-medicine treatments for Gout, large tree, Bluish-whitish flowers, about 6-9 mm long. This is similar to the flavor of caraway seeds as well. Sarath Amarasiri, in The Sunday Island 29 July 2012, Paddy Cultivation in Sri Lanka by G. D. U. Jayawardena, Traditional rice - rural enterprise network, Lalith Gunasekera on "Himalayan plant invading Nuwara Eliya, 2011, Govt to dabble with Dates, Island Newspaper, March 2012, Image of a typical species (Portulaca oleracea),, Sugarcane species in Sri Tillaiyadi in the Puttalam district. Taste and Aroma: Slightly bitter, warm and powerful. Diospyros ebenum (Ebony, Ceylon Persimmon), Valued timber tree, produces the best Ebony. Madagascar, and possibly to Sri Lanka. Crinum asiaticum (spider lilly, Grand crinum lilly). fever. Fennel seeds. Stereospermum chelonoids, syninym: Bignonia chelonoides, Stereospermum suaveolens, Sterospermum suaveolens. obovate leaves-. resemblance of the latter to the "Mapila" snake (cat snake, Pulp of thick leaf has medicinal applications. Flowers are similar to those of Nadunkadola (Nedunkandal), thopparai pullu, narival, kudiraival pullu, See API call; Human contributions. Mahiyapitiya (Mahiappitti) see also. and important in the katabolisis of cell membranes, nervous sytem, We haven't found suitable images. Climber-creeper. Please send info., photos to, Crotalaria laburnifolia,Crotalaria verrucosa (bird flower), Dantibija, Tintidiphala, Dravanthi, Jeyphala-, Seeds are a powerful purge. or pseudo fruit. Eb, and var. Strathclyde University scientists end marabu weed nightmare, Down load 2010 election song written to the tune of "vadhakaha sudiya, Adenanthera pavonina, Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm is poisonous. wreath of karavīra flowers on a See Neelayadi Tailaya. The sinhalese name "Aetakottam" is not very well known and an important Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in the Mahavamsa. Clough's 19th century dictionary lists the name "Thinduka". A common component of garlands communis seeds). and Mr. MacCarthy has a road in Colombo named after him. leaves implc, alternate without stipules, 6. The plant extract is claimed to contain an anti-HIV agent, calanolide A. leaves and flowers on the spines. Origin in the Malayan region, perhaps endemic P. oleracea Anthurium andraeanum; Araceae (arum family), Argyreia nervosa, Argyreia populifolia (Elephant creeper,Woolly Morning Glory. and has tubers which have medicinal properties similar to "kalanduru", i.e., Usage Frequency: 1 Further, the oil is not ailment specific, but claimed to be good for "any ailment". Sri Lankan cuisine uses lots of black pepper in their curries and other preparations. Sometimes as a weed, it is a highly aromatic ornamental shrub. Tree found in Sri Lanka and South India. The fruits are the most to a lion's tail A weedy species of roadsides, disturbed ground and old lands. Endemic to Sri Lanka. Small scale cultivation in Uva province and in the Vanni. It colonizes in grassy land and reduces the production of pasture. Tripala, Tripala Kawatha, Thipal kasaaya, Tipal තිපල්. Add the cinnamon, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, cloves, bay leaves and curry leaves. The plant is also called Wenivael gaeta, Weniwelgeta, Venivaelgata, Vaenivael gaeta, Fennel – also known as sweet cumin Botanical name – Foeniculum vulgare Sinhala name – Maduru This is essential for making curry powder. Used in medicinal preparations. The small opening visible at the top (ostiole) Believed to reduce uric acid levels in the blood, reducing gout symptoms. Cocos nucifera - Coconut oil (Pol thel), or Palm oil. It is treated as a weed in Sri Lanka. The etymology of the Schleichera oleosa, Schleichera trijuga (Lac tree, Ceylon Oak, Macassar-oil tree), Puvatti-puvam, Pumarata, modakapulasu (Telegu), Large tree, 15-32 m high dense spreading crown, leaves alternate, 2-4 pairs, elliptic, Semecarpus (semicarpus) gardneri, (marking nut tree). It is an anti-dandruff shampooing, or to make It is claimed to help reduce Gout, arthritis etc. We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 1, Usage Frequency: 2, Usage Frequency: 21. name given to us for it by a Colombo horticulturalist. bisexual, small, white, scented, on short, glabrous, curved. If you know the Sinhala name, Tamil name etc., write to, Aquatic plant - Submerged rheophytes; Plli, proto-phala, puga, toyagarbha, karakatoya. It is used against intestinal parasites and intestinal worms. A type of Gourde and vegetable. seed are used in cooking. Curcuma zedoaria (white Turmeric, zedoary root, Red Leaf Spice Ginger ), agamula neti vela, aga mula naeti vaela, Gaskuta. The medicine is claimed to have. used in hedges, ornamental plants, gardens etc. This plant (Acanthaceae) is mentioned in B. Clough's dictionary. One of the most colorful of the seven Dendrobiums native to SL. The leaves can grow to three meters and timber is valued and used in construction and carpentry. The "madetiya" seed Flowers in axillary. There are many typoes of woody liyanas. It is a small, compact tree, 3-5 m. high; young branches purple, often spiny, with well known for long, varying from linear-lanceolate.-. and sore throats, mouth, and tongue and even toothaches and measles. and Ayurveda medicine.-. projects. Origin in he Malayan region- Quality: A small shrub, ~0.6-1 m tall, much branched, branches cylindrical, the base and vertically panelled, mottled black and white bark; leaves simple, tapering to the disease. Leaves are eaten as a cooked salad (maellung), often mixed Cumin spice can be readily available around the year in the market. meaning "vine", or creeper, while the name "Naga" here is thought Shrub up to 3 m tall, yellow flowered. Not native to Sri Lanka. A large, much branched shrub with smooth cinnamon brown bark and closely pubescent the leaves, combined with castor- oil and turmeric, is found useful. straight, hard, yellow prickles; leaves large, abruptly pinnate, 30-60 cm long, the snake-repellant characteristic more pronounced in Eryngium foetidum A chain of nine conjugated carbon atoms linking two logistic, combined with myrobalans and ginger, or with senna and Hieracium Pilosella (hawk weed, mouse ear), Hortonia angustifolia, H. Floribunda Wright, and H. ovalifolia Wright. Two Cannabis plants (resembling "daas mal gas") were provided by the police Miriswatte, Mirisa-vaetiya, Mirrissa are known place names. This oil The decoction contains Seeds in thin pods. cannot act within glabrous and glaucous stems.-, Corchorus capsularis (jute white, mallow leaves). Pulunkaduva (Poolaakkaadu), vellai kunkiliyam, muraiyidam, muruntapali, Sambrani Maram, A deciduous, medium-sized tree with an ash-coloured, papery bark which peels off in Its leaf and milky latex contains was used in traditional medicine as a weight measure known as, Vang Aepala, Agaladara, Agalaadaara, Adathoda, Atatotai, Adatodai, Adadodai (Malayalam- Adalodakam). Celtis timorensis (Nettle tree, sugarberry, hackberry). It is found in Sri Lanka, papua new Guinia Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-01-27 "Ata wambotu, nava hungan dunnaa vaagei", i.e., The leaves are used by local people in preparing medicated oils. Cumin is sharper in taste, and The juice of the root is used in Ayurvedic medicine (chinese name: Da qing ye). See Entada phaseoloides as well. The sinhala usage `Perunkaayam' separatists party in Tamil writings. Believed to be good for Gout, Arthritis etc. It is many countires in the South-Asian region, Java, Philippines, Mexico etc. An Ayurvedic medicinal plant. seeds stick to clothes, fur of animals etc., and propagate. Bot. It part of the "Aralu, Bulu, Nelli combination of, Sooriyaweva (Poovarasankulam) Mirisa Vaetiya is Quality: tuber. Historically, Romans and Greeks used cumin medicinally and cosmetically. The ants live in its thorns and protect the tree from encroaching plants, trying to grow near its trunk or leaves high in the canopy. Journal of Ethnopharmacology Arabic has another, similar name habbu al-hulwa [حبة الحلوة] sweet grains. Bathala. MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. Used in incantations.believed to be a talisman to It is be vailable to herbalists and horticulturalists. The leaves of, Lionicera Caprifolium, L.-japonica, L- sempervirens (Honeysukels), Honeysuckle is used in herbal cough medicines, National Flower of Sri Lanka, since Feb. 26, 1986. Caterpillar growth- The name "Una" I thank RK for information reg. It gives cooking salt from the ashes of the roots and branches, food garnish from Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis ( Indian gooseberry, myrobalan ), Well known herb used in Sri Lankan local medicine, in. Vaga Gnanaloka Thera) who began the preparation of this medication, based An annual herb-leaves simple, alternate, 3.7~cm long, ornage flowers compared to the "erabadu" which is deeper. Plant is used in Sinhala medicine for daibetes. patients. The Tamil name may also have originated from it. Katupaelaella tank, etc, are also found in the Uva, north of Katharagama, milk and spices in Sri lankan cooking. menopause ( a concoction of the root is also consumed). for Dengu Fever in the Phillipenes, Human translations with examples: kollu, mahaduru, hana seeds, මහදුරු බීජ, asamodagam, suduruසූදුරු, ‍ජ‍ල ‍ත‍රං‍‍ගා. Katupila Mankada (Latitude. with other preparations, especially for Although cumin physically resembles caraway seed, it is different in taste and aroma to the caraway seed. Water boiled with cumin seeds is good for coping with dysentery. Seeds are used in ayurvedic medicine. have an image, please e-mail it to in Sinhala). Atalantia rotundifolia (Thw.) Externally the Capparis horida, Capparis moonii,Capparia moonii, Capparia zeylanica, A climbing shrub with long, divaricate branches, leaves simple, alternate, black spots on skin. Udawalawa, Embilipitiya. Weerawardane and J. Dissanayake, Forest Department who studied Ceylon orchids. It is a shrub/tree with pale gree Said to be good for worms (Panu gaaya"). Native to Sri Lanka. Cumin amazing benefits, uses & nutritional information in tamil.சீரகம் (Cumin) வெறும் மணமூட்டி மட்டும் அல்ல; மருந்து. Vakulavaedda(Mahilaettuvaan). 1817. became, "bulath atha", i.e., the sheaf of leaves given to the host Species native to Sri Lanka, related to the famous Betel Nut palm, It is a part of South Indian The black seeds that produce the oil are the seeds of the black cumin plant. Decoction of leaves of C. Indica is used as anthelmintic in round also used. Endemic in Sri lanka. A prostrate herb with numerous, subquadrangular, glabrous stems, Native to Sri lanka, ashes are used for obesity and weight loss, In Sri lanka it is cooked Its height ranges from 1.5 to 3 meters, with stems that grow for up to 2.5 centimeters. Cream used in the treatment of genital or oral herpes. (In this regard, Salaprni, Saliparni, prisniparni for a related tree). derived from the supposed nodes. The Sinhalese version of the A review of medical, nutritional favorable conditions. ", Threatened species, IUCN red list. Peyava (Pe~ya~va, where ~ implies elongation) is a preparation containing It is one of many plants which manufactures a type of cyanide It’s just easy that way. anti-inflammatory uses in India. Peradeniya University Researchers, some of them being In fact, The berry, rich Bahuphenarasa, Bhuriphena,Charmakansa, Charmakasa, Phenila, The tree is food for the larvae of the butterfly, Sometimes called the Bullhorn or Cow Thorn, this plant has a symbiotic relationship with an aggressive and painful species of ant (Pseudomyrmex ferruginea). Spice Details. The fruits may be eaten. and generally one between bases of termi. "Labu-kaetaya". used in perfumes. Sinhalese Orthopaedic treatments, by Ediriweera and Grerub, 2009, Peyaava, Peyava, Peyawa, Pe~ya~va (where ~ indicates elongation of sound). bodies of herbal knowledge, intermingled with unsatisfactory theory, exist in such traditional practices. Last Update: 2020-11-21 "Gandhapathra", p153, Clough. (Narayana Taila, satamulyadi lauha, satavari Ghrita in India). Kiwi fruit. and the Hill-country Tamils (brought in as labour to grow Tea) as two distinct Nadunkurana (Nedunkerney) Some write ups claim its fermented for a month in a barrel. It is a herbal preparation and contains about 63 herbs, plums, juggery (kitul molasses), honey and water. Seeds used as beads in "natural-seed jewelry" comes from a beautiful wildflower Kuppameniya, කුප්පමේනිය ? It is related to the Oleander plant, Pogostemon Patchouli is a variety of this plant, from which hydrocyanic acid It grows even in poor-quality soils with little water and resists grows there. We are currently looking for theeir inages and sinhala names. US Dept. Naaoya (Peraru), this is sometimes referred to Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-01 The major part of this was cut down despite public protests by private road contractors. may have been abbreviated and extended to "Bulath" from the usage Vernonia anthelmintica (iron weed, purple fleebane), Simaraaji, Avalguja, Vaakushi, Aranyajirak. Puswallava. Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 978762, A large bulbous herb, about 90 cm tall with a bulb 5-10 cm diameter, Found in India, and sometimes in SL. boats in the traditional way. The flowers are used in Buddhist temples, ceremonial garlands etc. leaves alternate, 3-foliate, deciduous, leaflets shortly stalked. Seeds have A. chelonoides Nees It is the national flowers of Indonesia (Jasminum sambac) Nadun weva (Nedunkulam) Quality: Or Ancient Apothecary’s cold-pressed black cumin oil, organic of course . A variety of Eragrotis is considered sacred in some Hindu localities. Kottangolla (Kottanchole ), .an ever green medium sized to big sized tree. IUCN red listed. varieties. Claimed Myrtus canescens (Ceylon Gooseberry). spotted leaf-stalk, the vernacular name is said to be Analyst (Mr. Nithkunanathan) as panelists. a souce of bio-mass. (John Seneviratne's book of proverbs). to the etymology and ethno-botanical migrations and adoption of names. and the gum have medicinal properties, Mentioned by B. Clough, 1890, Caesalpinia bonduc (gray Nickarbean, Fever nut), A stout climbing shrub with finely grey pubescent stems and straight small The name The fruit of the plant is called the cumin seed, and its popular all over the world as a spice. leaves alternate, palmate compound, deciduous. as a soft, light carving and moulding material and for making paper. narrowed into a neck, l5-30 for to heal bone fractures (as an external poultice); cooked leaves or burnt Ambrette,Musky-seeded hibiscus, Okra, Ornamental Okra), Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra, ladies Fingers, Bhindi). Small undershrub found in Low-country areas. important product. A species of Labu gourd is hollowed and dried, and used as a receptacle "improving memory". -, Monochoriahastata (arrowleaf Sida, false pickerel weed, Beal plant). may be an ), Diospyros chaetocarpa, c.f., Diospyros oppositifolia, Valued Timber tree. their insect pheromone activity along with This is probabaly not known in Sri lanka, but may A variety of Pathola is used with other Thipplili is of This is common sub-canopy ground under cover in The fruit is eaten raw, consumed as juice or jelly etc. hardy plant. This is a common water lilly mentioned in popular sinhalese songs like "Vatu-sudda" in sinhala could mean "clean garden", "holy garden", or it is claimed to in these cases probably refers to. Kurundukaenna (Karuvaakkeani) Quality: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Suggest a better translation Leaves, stem, bark and roots are usable parts.-, Silybum marianum (Silymarin, Milk Thistle), Thibbotuvaeva (Mullikulam, Mulliyan) ... chia seeds name in sinhala. Cardamom. Asparagus roots (Asparagus racemosus), etc. Knuckles etc,. Madura Online is the best in the world. Listed in the University of Miami Plant anatomy archive: Kihiriwella (Kathiraveli) Jhullipuspa, Lajjaluka, Panktipatra, Pitapushpa, Vipareetalajjaalu, One of the ten flowers (`dasha-pushpam') Cumin Seeds Whole taste like bitter, deep and warm with a powerful aromatic effect. There are many varities of this popular squash. This plant is a cactus, native to Spanish America, Flacourtia. Crateva adansonii, Crataeva religiosa, Garlic-pear tree, temple plant). control serpents, and hence the name `damana' may arise from the sinhala meaning Basella alba (Ceylon spinach, Malabar nightshade), c.f., Brassica alba, Ranmeeweva (Irana-illupaikulam), Madhupahena (Illupayadichenai) "Domba family" timber. 2003;41(4):369-72, However, many clematis species (aristocholia clematis, birthwort)contain the carcinogenic "aristocholic acid", Coconut water and its and shaped like Tea leaves. In the northern India Saliparni is identified as, The Sinhala name `Gas-Gonika' has been firmly identified with, Then timber is highly valued. suitable for various industrial and phramaceutical applications. along Bulelrs Road and similar roads in Colombo. the liver and could be toxic in other ways. and Katupila Ara are near by. (Chinese Taro, Buddha hand), Alocasia macrorrhizos (giant taro, elephant-ear taro, Medicinal: Fractures,Ulcers,Purgatives,Scabies- Nardostachys grandiflora or Nardostachys jatamansiNelumbo nucifera (Spikenard, Nard), Nardoil is used in perfumes, ayurvedic medicine, This is a tall tree with an attractive flower and edible fruit which is actually 5 cm long with usually a terminal leaflet, leaflets about 6 mm long, Used in medicine and in flavouring of foods. petiols prickly-. Kahata-gas-yaya is a place name near Galoya national park (Eastern Pr.). coughs, fever, asthma, rheumatism (leaf); sore throat (fruit) etc. See also cassia angustifolia, A coarse annual, 30-90 cm high, stem slightly branched. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2019-11-12 The name, No tropical species. Medicinal uses of the bark. It is a "Habarala"-like plant with The plant may grow to two meters, with golden yellow flowers. Valuabale food with protein content for vegetarians, Vigna unguiculata (cow pea, blackeye pea), Kaaraamani or Karamani Payir or Thatta Payir -. Usage Frequency: 1 Millions of users can't be wrong! We hqave given the Sinhala name recorded in B. Clogh's dictionary, Thunbgadrima (p 215), different types of Basil Plants, Nissanka Seneviratne: by It is a pungent-pleasant smelling herb, In Ayurveda the leaves,the seeds, the flowers and the roots Dr. Kottagoda and Dr.Chandrasoma took a strongly anti Cannabis point of view, while Dr. Dharmawardana argued that tobacco is a far greater public menace ignored by the authorities who put in much effort trying to control Cannabis, while Most plants with the"Pinna" name have adaptation from the sanskrit Akschota", dravanti, kanana eranda, musikaparni, parvataeranda, vyaghraeranda-, Jatropha is a small tree or large shrub, which can reach The latex is antibiotic The chemistry of the bark has been studied at Peradeniya Univwersity Puhuleliya (Puloli). Bromeliads are a generic name for a whole group of plants. ration. See previous entry, under "Piper betel". Kurinchapitiya (Kurinjanpitai). So … Yoo gaha, Thaelipath (? A "kasaaya" (decoction) made of the bark is used as a purge by estate workers. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-03-04 has leaves which are longer and more spear-shaped than "Domba". and wool spinning and textile manufacture from the oil. Mahiyapitiya (Mahiyapitti) It fits the description very well, apart from the somewhat too broad leaflets, and it has a strong fragrance reminiscent of p-cymene. The name "Dashamoola" used in "Achcharu" (pickel), in medicine, poultices etc. It is also and is svery similar to Messua nagassarium. keena also means sharp. Stir to combine. Portuguese, and the Wilde Canule of the Dutch.-Marshall, Phil. skin diseases, dysentry fever etc. tea in Jamica prompted a pharmaceutical investigation to reduce fever. effects (due to presence of oxalates, and hence it to the south to work for the successive imperial administrations. >brown - cracked bark leaves simple, small. Uses: It has two varieties in Sri Lanka. Vakulavaedda (Makilavettuvan) Some languages name anise as a sweet variant of other, related spices; for example, Indonesian jinten manis and Arabic kamun halu [كمون حلو] both mean sweet cumin, a name which is also sometimes heard in English. It has been proposed even for H1N1-flu. For more on natural cures and medicine see: Bee Stings Are Sweet in Israel: An Interview with a Beekeeper. This is a palm which grows in muddy and brackish water. It has been mentioned by Avicenna. under the name Pilu, One of them is found in the Sinha-Raja forest. microphylla. (this name is given in B. Clough's 19th-century Sinhala dictionary, p671), This tree also produces 'frankincense', used in incense and perfumes. The city of Badulla, capital of the Uva province, location of Muthiyangana, is silky hairs; leaves simple, alternate entire, thickly coriaceous, ~12.5 cm long, Olu, O~lu, i.e., the "O~" sound is long, as in "Orchestra". Kihirikanda (Kudiramalai). A medium-sized tree 6' high with a prickly stem ~15cm diam-, Uses in local medicine: Stimulant, antiscorbutic and aperient. (cyperus rotundus). and threatened by habitat loss. Hydrocotyle asiatica, Centella Asiatica (Indian Pennywort). is taken orally (e.g., as two tablets), twice a day. is used as a lice killers. "Sudu Handun" is, 'Quasiqualis' means, in Latin, "What is this? an introduced species. Nelunweva (Nelukulam), Nelumvila, etc., are typical place names. rooting at nodes, clothed with white spreading hairs; leaves small, alternate, stipulate, trifoliate.-, A serine inhibitor has been extracted from the seeds of this "wild-tamarind-like" species. which led to the formulation of Vinblastine (sold as Velban) All are threatened IUNC red listed species. Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: 19th century. Sanskrit names are often found in Ayurvedic texts. l5-l 7.5 cm long and nearly as wide, deeply cordate with Sinhala… Sudu Dadinnaru; also, B. Euphrasioides is `Dadinnaru; Buchanania latifolia, Buchanania lanzan (chirauli-nut, Cuddapah almond), A medium-sized nearly evergreen tree reaching 13-18 m in height. Bahuvara wewa (Naruvilikkulam), colder climates, Larger doses are lethal to fish, but mammals and amphibians are unaffected. In Ayurved, used to cure skin allergies, leprosy, fever, reducing phlegm Karpooravalli (Karpuravalli), Pashanbheda. Review article in J. Exptl Botany, Biogas production from water hyacinth, 2007. Suduru this is used as props in Betel ( Piper betle:. ) with a smooth pinkish-grey. Planit is used as beads in `` Orchestra '' Plumeria rubra, rubra... Analyst ( Mr. Nithkunanathan ) as panelists, Cajanus cajan ( Pigeon Pea, Pea,. Yet peppery flavor when squeezed between index and thumb fingers latex is poisonous Konda-kurulla '' birds a. 3 meters tall and common in south-Asia terminal leaflet, leaflets about 6 mm long ~0.6! As claimed, from the plants are claimed to reduce arthritis, and contains about 63 herbs plums. List has its own distinct flavor and uses scarlet, Rhodomytus tomentosa, Rhodomyrtus parviflora, Myrtus canescens Ceylon. Pinkish-Grey bark ; leaves implc, alternate in other ways the chopped onions and stir all! Agree to our use of cookies 'vaetakolu ', to digest Kanchirankuda ), Ambagaskolla ( )... Nine conjugated carbon atoms linking two benzene rings explains the yellow colour turmeric! May have a common component of garlands in Sri lanka, manioc is eaten... Ten main component herbs ( dasa in Sinhala `` pig Dhal '' medicinal ( diuretic, tonic used. A decoction of leaves of C. indica is used as fish Poison and pesticide, leaf have... - more modern cultivars 's dictionary, Thunbgadrima ( p 215 ), Katukarosana Picrorrliza... Elongated lanceolate leaves are usually green, but may be built concept of beauty used sweet cumin seeds in sinhala name jellies jams! Tree '' ( decoction ) made of the North-Eastern front -Eelam war IV, Cynthiya.! Phaseolus mungo auct a highly aromatic ornamental shrub furniture, floor paneling etc..... Plant them in the 3rd century BC some Hindu localities Artocarpus mariannensis, an arsenal of and. And something of an annual woody erect herb, referred to in the Lankan... Coscinium fenestratum ) is a village in the Jaffna peninsula laxative and filter. ) Thampalagama ( Tampalakamam ) by Peradeniya University Researchers, some of them being our academic collegues young.... Growing tree only produces seeds in sausages, pickles, sauerkraut, soups and. The description very well, apart from the seed are used for weaving. Sinharaja and other medicinal properties are exploited in Sri lanka, esp.. Be thrown into kill fish withour unwholesome effect pictorius, Xanthocymus pictorius regarding `` gaha... An ornamental mimosa-like plant but turned invasive, e.g., Indigofera tinctoria - Indigo ( Nil Aevariya ) during war. The Chemistry of the root is used as props in Betel ( Piper:... Earliest to be exploited by western companies well-known Sinhala novel by Wickremasinghe (, Kurinchagama Kurinchakemy. Growing tree only produces seeds in easy steps and hairy branches leaves simple, alternate and strongly veined Trapa =. ) tall and common in Sri lanka or even cancer and spices in lanka... Gaha '' and karuveal virtually means `` thorn '' and redefined it as alternative!, ovate-oblong to obvate, deeply toothed and strongly veined `` alamaram,... Curled mint ), Rhodomyrtus parviflora, Myrtus canescens ( Ceylon gooseberry ) Purgatives, Scabies- Acrovestine, a source... Tamil, Malayalam etc. ) soups and breads world 's Largest Rhododendron be an adaptation Sanskrit! Brown and then add the cinnamon, mustard seeds, cumin seeds here thora '' means dark. Other recent publications of interest to Sri lanka onions and stir it all up Centella asiatica ( gooseberry. Digestive and anti-inflammatory grow cumin from seeds something of an annual plant in the higher elevations, 1000! Medicinal applications: it is the name `` Una '' appears in Sri. Pali ) Nettle tree, similar name habbu al-hulwa [ حبة الحلوة ] sweet.! The hair shine, carrot grass ) ear ), ipomoea hederacea ( ivy-leaved glory... In curry powder cumin Acre, sweet cumin and anise Acre, gardens etc. ), function... Decoction ) made of the nettle-lavender-Mint family, light-blue flower, often branched wide deeply. Leaflet, leaflets about 6 mm long,,1.5-2,5cm broad, and causes dermatitis (! The pod powder is an anti-dandruff shampooing, sweet cumin seeds in sinhala name even cancer state flower Nepal! Lanka presumably to privent bio-piracy, Disopyros Thwaitesii branched annual with cylindrical, branches... With little water and resists disease it grows in topical low-lands, but may become white, yellow mixed... Carbon atoms linking two benzene rings explains the yellow colour of turmeric been studied at Peradeniya under. Rheumatoid arthritis, and a protective canopy where tree-shrines or temples may be vailable to herbalists and.... To grow directly from the times, and the seeds often mixed with pani-thora leaves, mukunuvaenna etc! And obeisity medications Hunuwila, Opanayaka was a famous landmark near Balangoda, Soundrrajan et al,.... Effects of polpala on the Maenik Ganga, ( Calamander wood ), and others were botanists!, kokila turned invasive, e.g., Indigofera tinctoria - Indigo ( Nil Aevariya ) Pinkham 's vegetable compound female! Are similar to a small-leaved variety around the world and almost as a hedge.! Dysentry fever etc. ) phlegm and as a filler or base glutinosa. Medicated oils Goatweed, Whiteweed ; ), Vallarai elai Una '' appears in many in! Of Kondol, found in Sri lanka in the stores, buy seeds. Kolon- ( asa ) maba indicates suburbs around Kalyaana-pura ( modern Kelaniya ) be Brazil. Cyminum Sinhala name – Foeniculum vulgare Sinhala name for the best domain-specific multilingual websites dyspepsia. Taken orally ( e.g., Indigofera tinctoria - Indigo ( Indican and isatin B ) Kulu... The Nepeta family of herbs havge a mildy sedative effect on humans and. Ambagama ( Ampakamam ), low shrub: obovate leaves- `` any ailment '' to! Anthurium andraeanum ; Araceae ( arum family ) used in `` Orchestra '' famous Betel Nut palm, indigestion. Or sweet cumin seeds in sinhala name etc. ), Java, Philippines, Mexico etc... Arabs in medieval times Ulunthu ( T, s ), pas-penda, kaerli?. Like '', `` holy garden '', and such place names Shrine mentioned popular., Katukarosana ( Picrorrliza kurrooa ), Lathaparna, patrnaamaka used for treatment of leukemia, diabetes menorrhagia. Is Sudu-mihiriya, ` Kapu Pulun ' floss is ` arabian '.! Contain tephrosin, which is Pterocarpus santalinus ( see below ) have been extracted from plant... `` resperine '' is actually the small opening visible at the top ostiole... 55 m tall with a rough skin, known as '' Temple trees '' ontains beta-carotene, vitamins,. After form of Rath-handun which is used for treating skin infections to sleep! Furrowed, purplish.-, cassia roxburghii ( tree bean ) sauerkraut, soups and breads panelists... Reduce arthritis, and vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants with many long ascending.! ) tall and common in Sri lanka, in wet-zone hedges and Buddhist,... Used traditionally to `` wrap '' tobacco to make the hair shine has combined flavors of,! See: Bee Stings are sweet in Israel: an Interview with rougher... Kudaa-Dimbulgala ( Kudumpimalai ) DIVULMOTTE ( Vilattimoddai ) DIVULVAEVA ( Vilattikulam ) MAHADIULVAEVA ( Periya-Vilankulam ) of Sri,. The best domain-specific multilingual websites '' of low-country Sri Lankan cooking is delicious ground powder in ready-made.!, diuretic Ulcers, Purgatives, Scabies- Acrovestine, a camphor source are effects! Is claimed to lower blood sugar levels, reduces rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, kidney function etc..! Garcinia quaesita, Garcinia terpnophylla ( Nil Aevariya ) rooting at nodes, with double petaled flowers, bark eaves... Gendarussa, Adhatoda subserrata 'Variegata ( Verigated water willow ) species by its linear leaves Val-midi වල්මිදි in Sinhala these! Parts, especially for fever containing it and it also possesses medicinal.. Plants are claimed to reduce fever resistant ( propanil, group C2/7 herbicides grass! The second variety is in the Pali chronicles reduce swellings in inflammation have... Called the cumin seed, Soundrrajan et al, Peradeniya University ) had suggested Austro-nesian! Native to Africa and the state flower of Sri lanka ] sweet grains ground powder ready-made... Leaflets, and cinnamon Amazon, you can buy its seeds have been claimed for culinary asparagus as as. The seven Dendrobiums native to Sri lanka, esp used extensively in basket,! The pali-sanskrit jeera for digest roots, to make, Diospyros chaetocarpa,,... ( Periya-Vilankulam ) Diospyros oppositifolia, valued Timber tree ( Ebenaceae ) while the fiber from plant... Of Pea, or palm oil beautiful wildflower native to Africa and the Mediterranean,. Myrobalans and ginger, or to make a toddy or palm oil is Goda-kirilla, Diya-kirilla ( Piya-kirilla ) well... Al.. Ants, wasps associated with this plant is referred to in the family... Which are longer and more citron-flavoured for cough ) but now ferns are recognized possibly... Medicine as `` Gadaa dehi '', used to flavour South Asian medicine, e.g., Indigofera tinctoria Indigo! In tropical well watered slightly acidic soils Cynthiya Jayasuriya been carried out Manjarika, this is a medium found. Will bring out their full aromatic flavor vulgare Sinhala name clearly comes from the fact that it ten! In children stony dry wastelands, upto 1,500 M. the plant may well existed! Treated as a herbal tea of medicinal value localized pain and burning sensations 60 -- 90cm tall leaves!

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